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24hr Hackathon, in collaboration with Skip the Dish.
'rview' is a platform to support and assist Restaurant Owners to
proactively improve their reviews and ratings while engaging in delivery to their customers.

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Project Overview

time of completion
24 HOURs
LEAD product Designer
adobe photoshop,


The Problem

DESIGN challenge

With most Canadians waiting out the COVID-19 pandemic at home, food delivery apps have become a welcome replacement for restaurants that have been closed for months. Also, Restaurants struggling to survive during the COVID-19 crisis have turned to take-out and delivery. With more and more orders being placed each day, one of Canada's most prominent food delivery apps has started to track how the novel coronavirus is changing consumer habits.

What digital solutions can we create to support the food delivery industry? 

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An essential factor of the restaurant business is a customer management, which measures a customer's engagement. Where competition is high, or one wants to improve upon the food delivery services, it becomes incredibly crucial to retain customers. One primary step of customer engagement is getting feedbacks and reviews. Feedbacks act as a tool through which customers feel that they have importance and value.

After a brief group discussion, we decided to focus on helping local restaurants with their customer management.



Secondary research

After defining our main project goal, we started with initial research on the relationship between reviews and restaurant delivery operations.


Consumers read online reviews before
choosing a place to order their food.


Restaurateurs say that their online presence and reputation
are important areas of focus

By knowing this, online reviews suddenly become more critical than ever. Getting people to review a restaurant is easier said than done, even if they had an excellent experience.


Analytics is the data that can be analyzed to draw logical conclusions. With analytics, we made more informed decisions about our approach to design. We tasked our Data Analysis team to get precise data to show how reviews and ratings are useful to local restaurants. We made our logical conclusions about our users, what they are looking for, and what we can deliver to them with this information.

A screenshot of web page

* Restaurants with ratings of 3.5 or less are more likely close during the pandemic.

"How might we help existing local restaurants improve their rating score in order to decrease their chances of closing during the pandemic?"




Meet Josh. He is the general manager of the Mexican restaurant La Carnita in Toronto.

Josh has a hard time keeping good reviews and ratings due to high-demand with delivery and keeping the restaurant afloat during this challenging time.

His most significant pain point is that he cannot track the feedback that he is receiving across multiple platforms and is insured, which changes will bring the best value to his restaurant.

Competitor analysis

After we defined our targeted user, we studied competitor products. Competitor analysis helps us to focus our efforts toward our targeted market and understand where our product stands in the market.


👍 Customized check list
👍 Clean UI
👍 Enter numeric values and set customized pass/fail limits

Uber eats restaurant management software

👍 Clean UI
👍 Dashboard with brief store overview
👍 View performance data & feedback

Main features to build

View reviews & rating

Allows restaurant to have access to reviews and ratings that they are receiving.

Suggest improvements 

Option to review possible improvements based on that particular review.

Tracking goals

Provide the ability to track improvements.

Concept sketching

We chose to develop desktop software to allow restaurant owners to sync the product with their POS system. After examining products and coming up with our product's main feature, we began sketching our rough ideas together.


The Solution

Logo design

We choose 'rview' as our brand name by dot voting and designed the logo to display the business goal and product feature. I designed the logo as an eye or glasses that "viewing" the reviews and feedbacks.


We used a bright and cheerful colour palette to reflect the brand image and using SF pro as the primary font and Baloo Bhai as our title and logo font. We also followed  WCAG and AA complaint to design our product.

medium-fidelity wireframe

As a lead designer of the team, I tried to design a product by applying the inspirations and elements to display the required page that follows the user flow. We used this mid-fi wireframe to run user testing.

High fidelity prototype

Test the final prototype👆



The Design

potential improvements

Responsive application

We decided to create desktop software to allow the restaurant to sync the program with their POS system. We received feedback on allowing restaurant owners to check their goals and improvements on mobile or tablet to provide access to view them everywhere.

Assign daily tasks

We were also planning to assign daily tasks to staffs to keep track of their restaurant improvements. However, due to the presentation's time constraints, we couldn't include it in our prototype.

Visual hierarchy

Rview has a very minimal and clean UI but needs some elements that gain user's engagement. Adding visual hierarchy will help show what's more important in the product and apply common visual hierarchy (Z pattern or F pattern).

key learning


Hackathon is a design sprint-like event by collaborating software development, product design, and data analysis. Working with someone who I met for the first time can be quite challenging, though it was a great learning experience to understand each process of different fields and collaboration skills.

Time management

This hackathon was a 24-hour project and had to deliver a pitch presentation with the final product design. Therefore, time management was critical. We had to set a timer for each meeting and discussion to move on to the next steps, and it helped us deliver final designs successfully.

If you would like any additional details at all or insights into a
specific process, feel free to reach out!